HDMI Wall plate is fantastic to own for any home entertainment room. They are usually used for setting up HDMI wires inside the wall structure and for long cable runs. Many people buy them to clean up messy wires and run cables through the wall for that professional look.

But why is it really important to have an HDMI wall plate?

It is a incredibly helpful addition to a home entertainment since it will help you to conceal long hdmi cables in the wall and only have shorter wires exposed.

They conveniently make interior planning a lot nicer, even though it is only a minor addition, it still helps. It’s always great to remove wire clutter when you can so your home theater looks clean and professional. Just about all of your products such as DVD player, xbox 360, PS3 , sound reciever, all promote cable mess. That’s the reason many people are choosing to purchase wall plates for everything today. Everything adds up and we will have way too much cables without the help of wall plates. The sloppy and untidy look it creates could make an entire space look unsightly.

You may use your HDMI Wall plate for a number of different reasons. For example, many people choose to route an HDMI cable from a DVD player from a different room through the wall, and into the Hdtv.

You will also have to choose between a single port HDMI wall plate, or a dual port.

The majority of HDMI Wall plates also support the most recent versions of HDMI so that you are future proof for any popular new HDMI devices that may enter the market.

Single or Dual port HDMI? – Certainly go for the dual if you don’t mind the price difference. Any kind of HDTV you buy today will have at lease 2 HDMI ports so you should also think about that. An alternative solution would be to use an HDMI switch for more HDMI sources. Besides, you never know when you might need an extra HDMI port. Both dual and single wall plates can be found at this site.

Certainly perform a search on the internet for buying HDMI Wall plates. The prices in retail stores will likely be much higher if you think about the price differences between HDMI cables already. There are many online home theater stores that sell a number of wall plates, including HDMI. On a side note, HDMI wall plates can be purchased in local store as well.

HDMI Wall plates are made of plastic so keep that in mind. Something plastic is breakable, including these devices. Though duct tape or electrical tape can always do the trick. As far as the actual functionality of the HDMI wall plate itself, it will do it’s job. You can be picky on the design, but the actual audio and video quality will be the same across the board.

The set up is also super easy. If you are knowledgeable about installing any type of wall plate in your home, this is no different. Despite the fact that the install is easy, you should make sure the screws are holding the wall plate securely.

They can easily break being that they are plastic. I have experienced a case where someone pulled the plate away from the wall and it broke.

If you are like many, and have a mess of wires hanging everywhere, you should definitely buy an hdmi wall plate and any other wall plate you might need. It won’t cost you a lot (about 20 bucks for a decent quality one).

Some HDMI Wall plates have a status light so that you can verify that the connection is there. As long as you carefully install everything, you shouldn’t have anything to worry about.

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